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Grow Your Brand with the Latest Design Trends

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Growing your brand can be a challenge, especially in the era of digital commerce. Starting a business is easy and cost-effective because of the internet. For example, you can start a retail business online without incurring the costs associated with brick-and-mortar stores. Nevertheless, conveying your brand correctly, and effective marketing is a prerequisite for success. In this article, we share with you the latest design trends to help you grow your brand.

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Branding gives a business identity that outlives the products or services the company provides. For your brand to stand out, you must create something unique that customers can identify with. It helps you grow your business and creates customer loyalty. Read to the end to learn useful tips to help your business claims its share in the market while creating loyal customers.

Diverse Visuals

Considering human diversity in design is a growing trend that is important. Showcasing human diversity is one of the major design trends in 2022. Icons and language that reflect human diversity are increasingly used in order to come up with a representative marketing strategy. Furthermore, companies are now creating infographics that reflect the diversity of the workforce. Using diverse visuals in graphics is popular because it creates advertisement material that appeals to a wider audience.

Consequently, we are seeing icons and images representing all races and genders in marketing materials. Most advertisement materials were designed to appeal to white, straight, and able-bodied people. This is now changing and helping brands to reach audiences they had no access to. The use of diverse visuals is a representation of the world as it is now. Furthermore, it helps in attracting a diverse workforce.

Grow Your Brand with Data Visualizations

Data visualization is a design trend that dominated 2021. The trend is expected to continue into 2022. Data visualization was mostly used by companies in healthcare and marketing, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Data visualization makes the message passed across easy to understand and keeps customers engaged and informed. This graphic design trend is commonly used in social media where we’re seeing charts and graphs that represent a variety of topics. Data visualization works best if you keep it simple and stick to one or two colors.

Grow Your Brand with Eco Brands

Many plant and animal species are facing extinction because of climate change. Consequently, eco branding has gained popularity. We can evidence in the emergence of products that are eco-friendly ranging from cars to toothpaste. Eco designs have gained popularity because of the role they play in conserving the environment. Based on the global treaties, grassroots campaigns for sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing processes are common messages among graphic designers.

The use of green colors is a common trend among eco-friendly brands.  Nevertheless, graphic designers are also using brown hues that reflect the urban environment away from the green that was used to represent trees and rivers.

Disruptive Branding

This branding concept is meant to make your products look sharp and fresh from the factory. This trend is expected to pick up in 2022 as brands look forward to showing different sides of their personality. Disruptive branding is characterized by messy layouts, crumbled words, and causal-looking artworks. Disruptive branding is a type of rebellious art that is gaining popularity. The scattered arrangement of elements in disruptive branding is what keeps customers glued as they decipher the meaning.


This design trend was popular in 2021 and is expected to be one of the most dominant designs through 2022. Minimalism is based on the mantra that less is more. The commonly used elements in this design include basic shapes, simple text, few colors, and white spaces. Minimalism uses organic elements that are perfect for brands that explore basic concepts that convey simplicity. This graphic design trend makes products speak for themselves.

The white spaces commonly used in minimalism help viewers focus on the message your brand is conveying. This design trend works best with designs that include classic photos. Pictures compliment minimalist designs because they speak for themselves.

Quirky Branding

This type of design includes a variety of styles that includes hand-drawn illustrations, ridiculous images, overlapping elements, asymmetric images, and scattered design. Different brands have used quirky branding including well-known industries such as health and finance. This type of branding entails violating rules and conventions in design to create a fun personal experience.

Quirky branding is commonly used in DIY illustrations, collages, odd artwork, images, and fun adverts. Elements of quirky branding such as the use of bright colors, clashing colors, and distorted shapes help businesses make statements on products or services. Adverts designed with quirky elements are fun to look at and expose you to the personal side of the brand.

Apart from illustrations, many businesses are now including quirky people of all shapes and sizes in adverts. This illustration trend is commonly called the inclusion of odd bodies. This creates diversity and personality in branding as people of all shapes and sizes feel represented.

Animated Logos

A logo conveys your brand’s message and provides a visual identification. Animated logos is one of the designs that is currently trending. Animated logos allow you to add incredible animations to your logo. Animated logos are important in conveying the brand’s purpose and values. The ideas are represented in the form of high-quality animations.


The design trend can be traced to the German art school in the 20th century. Bauhaus combines elements from both art and industry seen in the use of geometric shapes such as sharp edges and strong lines. This design trend is modern, minimal, and functional which makes it a perfect choice for modern designers.


This design trend began when designers started combining features of Microsoft WordArt and PowerPoint. Nowadays, the use of color gradients as a design trend is showing up on different digital media including social media posts, websites, presentations, and branding. The use of color gradient is popular because the colors are versatile and can be applied to different designs.

Your brand is what identifies your business and products to potential customers. At de Haro Group we’ve helped several businesses grow their brand and customer base with the latest design trends. Contact us for Free consultations.

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