We’re a team of multidisciplinary professionals operating under one roof and committed to deliver high expectations for our clients and ultimately their brands.

Over thirty years of experience at your service.

The de Haro Group is a family organization of independent artists, founded in 1993 and later opening up for business in Miami, Florida in 2007.

We were able to expand our horizons into the world of graphic design, photography and social communications with considerable success, using every tool available, from the most traditional techniques to the most sophisticated art, graphics and communications.

With the considerable experience accrued in the organization of international advertising campaigns put at the service of our clients, we have effectively contributed to their success …but that, after all, is the goal and objective of our Group.

Web Design

From designing, to efficiency, client control, results optimization and competitive web presence.

Graphic Design

Strategic branding, brand startup creative process, effective communication from screen to paper.


Brand awareness strategic campaigns, branding message promotion strategies.

Social Media

Content creation and management, ads & marketing panning, traffic/social analytics and data review.

All of our Tools and Expertise at your reach.

Our team has meticulously bonded over time thanks to our differences: the fact each of us dominate a complete different area from each other.

However, we all come together as a team through the creative process our client’s project, where an unified, centralized and functional strategy demands all of our fields to overlap.

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