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Creative Logo Design: Top 10 Trends For 2021

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Minimalism has been the trending philosophy in creative logo design for the last few years. It entails the removal of excessive elements from the composition of a logo. The use of a minimalist design is the trend in graphic, web, and user interface design. This approach includes the use of clean, presentable, and minimal aesthetics.

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The minimalist design also takes into account the visibility of the logo across different platforms and devices. In this article, we share with you the top 10 logo design trends for 2021.

Isometric and 3D Logo Designs

It is projected that 3D will dominate the logo design trend in the world in 2021. 3D designs provide an effective way to add depth to your logo. This also reflects the depth of your business. You can redesign your regular logo to a 3D format. To do this, you need to add some shading, highlights, and shadows. This will transform your logo immediately into a cutting edge design without losing its uniqueness.


Minimalism is still a major trend in logo design. It is expected to continue to spread across the global without slowing down soon. Most companies are increasingly using clean, uncluttered designs.

Motion Design

Most logos are static image appearing on packages. However, improvement in technology has ushered in the era of animated logos. Videos and animation has become an integral part of visual advertising in the recent past. Moving logo are expected to become even more popular with the improvement in technology.

Inventive Typography

Inventive typography involves using a typography solution to bring out the personality of your company. Original, custom fonts have the power to change a boring, obscure logo into an eye-catching one. Changing the fonts of a dull logo may the key to having an attractive logo as opposed to building one scratch.


The gradient is attained when shades of the same color transition smoothly into each other. Gradient has the potential of improving the visual appeal of logos. It is what enables designers to create “living” 3D images. The gradient also enables the designer to perfectly match the colors of the logo.

Text Destruction

Removing parts of the image or words of a logo is an effective way to make the logo standout. Playing with font and density will do the trick. However, it is important to make sure that the message in the logo remains readable.

Overlapping Elements

Overlapping the elements means placing some elements on top of others. This makes the logo look unique, consistent, and reliable. Overlapping elements in the logo signifies growth and progress.

Blank Space

Using blank space in creative logo design is also called the use of negative space. It adds depth to your logo without staffing it with more elements. Negative space entails leaving blank space around the elements or letters that constitute a logo. Blank spaces hypnotize the viewer and make him/her want to find out more.

Fine Lines  

Using fine lines entails drawing a logo with super sharp pencil lines that give it a fragile feel. This is the next big trend in logo design. Fine fonts like the sans-serif and simple geometry can do the trick. Refrain from using heavy patterns. This will give you an elegant piece of art that is easy to scale.

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