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Social Media Marketing Trends In 2021

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Social media marketing has taken over advertising during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lock-down increased social media activity. This makes social media a valuable platform for marketers. Social media marketing requires account managers to keep up with the trends. In this article, we share with you the top trends affecting social media campaigns in 2021.

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Increase in the Preference for Content with Short Duration

Social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram enable users to post short content that disappears afterward. The modern lifestyle makes people have a short attention span. This has changed the way individuals consume content. Content in story format has become the most popular. This type of content is short, engaging, and addictive. This makes people willing to spend hours scrolling through the captivating short stories.

Growth in the Use of Social Media to Serve Customers

It is projected that in 2021 there will be an increase in the number of marketers using different social media platforms. They will be using the platforms to connect with customers. This is the reason marketers are interested in the ROI for social media than before. For example, marketers want to know the returns on advertising for a large audience on Twitter compared to TikTok.

Marketers sell goods and services through social media posts. This includes using stories and live streams with a call-to-action. A recent survey indicates that 73% of participants reported acquiring more customers through social media. Managers are expected to come up with new social commerce strategies for 2021.

More Accountability

Accountability for the content posted on social media is an issue of concern. The merging of social media platforms means that they have a strong influence on public debate. For instance, anti-trust investigations that could split Facebook and WhatsApp into two separate companies are ongoing.

Businesses need to watch social media platforms they use to learn about real-world events. The responses posted on social media have an influence on the manner customers perceived your organization.

Scramble for Marketers’ Attention on Social Media Platforms

Most social media platforms offer advertisement services. This provides marketers with a wide variety of competitors to choose from. The competition for marketers among social media platforms is likely to go up as a result. Social media platforms will have to do their best to prove that their platform provides the best ROI for money spent on ads vs. sales.


Diversification in social media marketing in 2021 will take different forms. Social media platforms will roll out different features that will help marketers reach out to more prospects. Furthermore, we may witness the mushrooming of more social media platforms each targeting a specific niche.

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