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3D Content in Attracting Customers

3D Content in Attracting Customers
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Do you want to increase your conversion rate by Over 40%? A recent survey by Forbes found that 3D content increases the conversion rate by 40%.  Interactive 3D content is effective in marketing, especially for luxury brands. It gives businesses the platform to pass messages and attract potential customers. It enables advertisers to create experiences that mimic the real world for consumers. This why Interactive content has a high conversion rate. 3D content offers businesses a new way to excite and engage customers bored by traditional adverts.

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Before we tell you how interactive 3D content helps you attract and retain customers, we would like to define the concept.  Interactive 3D content is a form of digital marketing that creates a realistic image of the product in the minds of consumers. In 3D marketing campaigns, customers have the chance to interact with the product by changing orientation and viewing angles.  Interactive 3D advertising is gaining popularity in the digital marketing space.  It generates high conversion rates and sales that other channels such as banners or images cannot.

How Interactive 3D Content Helps You Attract and Retain Customers

Pre-Purchase Anxiety

Before buying expensive items such as furniture and jewelry consumers experience some form of anxiety. The reason is that the items are expensive, and getting the wrong quality is costly. Interactive 3D content eliminates this anxiety by showing shoppers products in detail from different angles. The guarantee it creates encourages customers to buy. Puma and Kenzo have launched revolutionary marketing campaigns with interactive 3D configurators.

It enables customers to change the size and color of the shoes and get views from different angles. Customers can buy by clicking shortening the time they take to make a decision.

Interactive Content & Customer Confidence

Customers who buy online face a challenge when deciding to buy. Most websites are populated with written content that does not provide a comprehensive view of the product. Interactive 3D content restores customer confidence by showing buyers what they are getting.3D visualization gives an in-depth view of the product that Includes its features.  Baccarat, a luxury lighting retailer is already using augmented reality to enable customers to customize chandeliers.

Bridging the Gap with Interactive Content

Most brands have an online and physical presence. The challenge is to unify customer experience online and offline. Interactive 3D content bridges the gap by enabling customers to have an online shopping experience that mimics a brick and mortar store. Real estate agents are now using interactive 3D content to sell houses and give their customers an immersive experience. The virtual environment in 3D enables customers to interact with the houses in a personal way. 3D content helps you to reach out to customers, let them test products virtually, and give real-time feedback.

Customer Experience

Surveys show that customers in the developed world like shopping online. 105 million out of 119 million households in the US have a Prime Amazon membership. Customers in the developed world are still reluctant to buy expensive items online, for example, jewelry. Statistics indicate that only 11% of Americans buy furniture, Mattresses, fine jewelry, and tickets to big events online. The reason customers are reluctant to buy these products online is that it is difficult to return them because it may cost them extra.  Interactive 3D content helps solve this problem by enabling shoppers to customize the items they are considering buying in real-time.

Boost Profits

As stated earlier interactive 3D content can boost your conversion rates by up to 40%. Apart from high conversion rates 3D content boosts your profit in four ways.  They include:

  • Increased conversion rates depend on the type of 3D content used and the product you’re selling.
  • Including Interactive 3D content can reduce returned products by up to 50%.
  • 3D content increases your ability to up-sell. A recent study by Deloitte found that most people are willing to pay more for custom products and services.
  • Brands that use 3D technology to personalize the customer experience in real-time have a big opportunity to increase revenue with every transaction.

Customer Base

A survey done by Salesforce found that 57% of customers cut ties with brands that provide poor customer experience. Using interactive 3D content on your site impresses customers and gives them a personalized experience. Personalized customer experience is the best way to beat and dissolution you’re competitors.

Marketing pundits predict interactive 3D content in the future. But why? We share with you some important statistics that support the claim.

 Interactive 3D marketing campaigns yield a conversion rate of between 40 to 300%.

Surveys have shown that approximately 82% of customers interacting with 3D adverts purchase the product they view. Another survey found that 95% of participants preferred interactive 3D experience over video playbacks. Most importantly, Amazon has noted that customer engagement increases by 66% with the 3D adverts compared to 2D marketing strategies.

Now Let’s Share with You Some Notable Brands That have Successfully Used Interactive 3D Content to Sell More.

Nike is now using ER and 3D models in helping customers choose sneakers that fit. The technology works by scanning the customer’s foot and measuring its shape. The 3D app automatically chooses the shoes that fit the customer while giving them the option to choose their favorite styles and colors. 3D technology also allows users to customize the shoes they like and share them on social media.

 Rebecca Minkoff is using 3D images and AR in women’s fashion since 2019. The 3D app enables customers to see in virtual reality what the product looks like in real life. Customers interested in buying designer pieces have a chance to try the product visually before buying it. They can check the color, size, and style, and whether the product meets their tastes.

IKEA a real furniture company is using an app called IKEA Place to show scalable 3D home models to buyers to enable them to see if the furniture will fit in their homes before purchasing. Consequently, the company’s online sales increased by 43%. In 2019, interactive 3D content empowered the company to generate revenue of more than $40 billion worldwide.

From the sales statistics and conversion rates, it’s evident that interactive 3D content is the future of online marketing.


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