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Best Online Marketing Tools for 2022

online marketing
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Social media is a power to reckon with in online Marketing. The number of people using social media keeps on growing and it’s estimated that 3.5 billion people worldwide will be using social media. This represents about 40% of the people on earth and this is why businesses invest significant resources in online marketing. To make sure we read on the same page, we would like to define social media marketing.

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Social media marketing entails activities on social media platforms meant to meet marketing objectives such as brand awareness, website traffic, and acquiring customers. Most campaigns involve the use of content like videos, images, and text. Paid ads and communities meant to engage customers also play a significant role in online marketing. When people share your content on social media, they act as distribution channels. Now, let’s share with you the best social media marketing tools for 2022.

Social Champ

This is a social media scheduling and management tool that enable users to post content on all social media platforms at once. Developers claim that social champ can help your brand increase followers by 75%. The tool comes up with automation features and integrates with multiple social media platforms to make your work easy. Social champ has a simple user interface that makes it easy to promote your content on social media, especially if you’re new to the tools.

One of the main advantages of social media champ is responsive customer support. Furthermore, it enables you to publish the same content on Twitter and Facebook. The following are the key features social champ offers:

  • Bulk uploading from CSV files.
  • Auto-posting content through RSS feed.
  • Posting the same message on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Creating collections of posts that can be used in the upcoming campaigns.
  • Social media content calendar that allows you to plan your posts weeks &
  • Content suggestion and team collaboration features among others.

Agorapulse in Online Marketing

It’s an inclusive social media management tool that equips you with all the features to dominate social media from your PC. The tool comes with powerful features that include:

  • A single inbox to manage communication across social media channels.
  • Advanced publishing tools that enable you to create and schedule posts in advance.
  • Social listening features that let you learn the things customers are saying about your brand.
  • Team collaboration features that make it easy to communicate and collaborate with clients and team members.
  • Analytics that enables you to collect data on the performance of your marketing campaign.

Buffer as Online Marketing Tool

Buffer is the most commonly used marketing tool because it allows users to quickly queue posts and schedule them to be published on different social media platforms. The marketing tool comes with three key features that enable users to publish posts, respond, and analyzed results. The features are used depending on your marketing needs. Recently, Buffer introduced a new feature that allows you to include comments on posts as you schedule them. The tool allows you to integrate most third-party tools that can be integrated.


It’s considered one of the best social media tools because it makes it easy to organize content. It enables you to organize your social media calendar and keep all your publishing tasks in one place. You can easily schedule posting times and stay back while staying organized. The tool allows you to use the inbuilt calendar templates which you can customize to fit your needs.

SocialBee comes with advanced scheduling tools compared to competitors and they include a custom URL, advanced analytics, and tracking tools. This tool also helps you schedule content into different categories to enable a balanced mix. You can also repost content to refresh it and create variation.


This management tool enables you to track clients and know their sentiments. It also enables clients to interact with your brand.  This social media tool is effective because it provides lots of functionalities in a clean interface that is easy to use.


If you’re planning to recruit a customer service team, NapoleonCat is the way to go. The social media management tool offers a single inbox which makes it easy to organize all the communications in one place. You can also communicate with customers on all your social media channels. The tool enables you to handle common questions, respond quickly, and start more conversations. Apart from allowing you to communicate with your customers, NapoleonCat allows users to automatically publish posts and access reporting features.


This social media tool enables users to publish, engage, listen to, and analyzed data users generate on social media. The tools support LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. The tool provides a simple scheduling procedure. All you need to do is pick accounts and key in the message. You also have the option of reposting the content at regular intervals. The premium version of the software come with advanced features.


SocialPilot is a multipurpose management tool that helps you schedule posts, improve engagement, and analyze the results. The management tool can also handle bulk posting across different social media channels. The software comes with a template that enables bulk scheduling that can give you problems if you don’t have previous experience. You also have access to complex analytics collected from different platforms.


For users who need access to advance social media analytics, Iconosquare is the best management tool. Nevertheless, the social media management tool also has features that enable you to schedule posts and even more. The tool also enables users to post different types of content, and access advanced analytic tools and other advanced features. For instance, the software supports tagging, geolocation, comments, and scheduling.

If an Instagram user, you’ll like the feature that allows you to save lists of captions and hashtags. Using the social media management tool is easy and can be set up automatically. You can also generate reports and send them to team members or clients.


This tool enables you to track your hashtags, keywords, and social accounts. This tool is right for the users interested in avoiding potential backlash on social media and concentrating on the performance of your hashtags and keywords in online marketing.  

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