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What Type of Content Has the Highest Visibility?

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The content you publish online on blogs or social media channels can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. It helps create awareness for your business and brand. It tells your potential customers what you do and allows you to connect with them. Surveys show that 86% of businesses use some form of content marketing.

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The business world is competitive, and companies work hard to outdo their competitors and generate leads. Companies do this in an attempt to convert followers into customers. Content marketing can increase the visibility of your business and brand. It also gives a chance to your customers to connect and interact with you.

In this article, we share with you the type of content that accords your company with the highest visibility.

1. Create Quality Content

When creating content either for your site or social media, you should focus on quality and not quantity. High-quality content attracts serious followers, not spammers who don’t care about your posts.

The process of creating quality content begins with defining your audience. You can do this by using monitoring tools to research specific keywords on different platforms. This will let you know the type of content your followers are interested in.

2. Create Interactive Content

Marketing videos are considered to be the most interactive content by marketers and internet browsers. Studies done in 2015, found that 76% of B2B marketers who used video in their marketing strategy reported that it’s effective. The study also found that 80% of senior executives reported watching more videos than before.

Written content can be made interactive by making it engaging. You can make your content engaging by adding infographics that complement the message in your content. Writing your content in a tone that addresses and engages the reader is also an effective way of capturing the reader’s attention.

3. Time Your Posts

There is no specific time to post your content. However, it advisable to research and know when most of your followers are online specifically the time and the day. This is the perfect time to post your content. Several surveys have recommended the perfect time to post content. You can use these guidelines together with your page stats to determine the right time to post.

4. Optimize the Content for Search Engines

The majority of people who surf the web begin their journey from search engines. This is the reason it’s important to optimize your content so it ranks higher on search engines. The first step is to ensure that your content is unique so that you are not penalized for plagiarism. You should also include the relevant keywords and organize your content in a logical and easy to scan manner.

One of the best tools to use for your keyword research is the Google search console. It will give you inspiration on the type of keywords you should use. To increase the visibility of your brand, write more content that includes the targeted keywords.

5. Include Visuals in Your Content

Including visuals in your content increases engagement with your readers and make your posts visible. Some of the visuals you may include in your content are photos, GIFs, and infographic that conveys the message in your content. Posts with visuals receive more shares, comments, and likes compared to written texts only.

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