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An effective business website design is the main factor determining the success of your e-commerce business. An attractive website enables you to capture and retain customers because it creates a first good impression. Furthermore, a properly done website enables you to increase sales and revenue.

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Good business website design gives your site, brand, and business credibility. An effective design website is navigable and easy to use. Online surveys have shown that 89% of customers buy from a competitor after a poor user experience. In this article, we share with you 10 business website issues you need to resolve to bring you more sales or leads.

1. A Responsive Design

A responsive design means that your website can be accessed through different devices. Nowadays, most people browse with mobile devices like phones and tablets. Professional web designers include a mobile theme in the package to make the site responsive. A responsive design makes your site render quickly on different devices.

Having a responsive website lower bounce rates because of improved user experience. If a site renders poorly on any device, for example, some parts fail to load correctly, then visitors are likely to leave.

2. Optimize Loading Speed

The speed at which your site loads is important because it determines whether visitors stay or leave upon arriving at your site. Optimizing your business site for speed means making sure the content and all parts of your site load quickly. Testing the site for speed is part of it. There’re apps designed to improve page loading speed.

Business websites that load quickly are user-friendly and have low bounce rates. Visitors are likely to stay and browse your site for the information or product they are looking for if it loads quickly.

3. Create Effective Landing Pages

A landing page is the page visitors from different search engines and social media platforms come to. An effective landing page provides all the information visitors are looking for. The best practice is to include images and text that clearly explains the value of your product. A good landing also has a call to action button at strategic places. Landing pages need to have a clean design not cluttered.

4. Use High-Quality Visuals

It’s important to have high-quality visuals because blurry images or videos are repulsive to many visitors. Clear visuals are attractive and help you convey the value of your business and brand. It also makes your site appear attractive and clean. High-quality visuals are effective in enticing visitors to take the desired action for example clicking on an image, video, or a call to action button.

Clear images, video, and text make your site appear professional and authentic. It enables you to generate more sales and leads by attracting visitors.

5. Make Sure the Navigation Menu Is Organized

Navigation menus act like signposts on your business website. They direct visitors to relevant pages where they can find what they’re looking for. Poorly organize navigation makes your site appear jumbled up. A proper navigation menu is organized and labeled accordingly. For instance, the name of the tab displayed on the navigation menu should reflect the information found on the page linked to the tab.

The navigation menu should need that it should not contain too many tabs. If you have many tabs that you need to display because of the nature of business, then go for a design that will accommodate your site. For example, you can use hamburger menus to condense your navigation menu, especially on mobile devices.

6. Include Contact Forms

Including a simple contact form on your business website design is crucial because it enables visitors to contact you easily. If the contact form is complicated with too many fields of information, then visitors may just leave. A simple contact form encourages visitors to get in touch with your business easily.

7. Use White Spaces

Using white spaces means leaving certain areas of your website blank with a white background. This is often done to prevent your site from appearing cluttered, congested, and difficult to navigate. White space also makes reading the content on your site easier because of the contrasting background.

Including white spaces on your site is also the key to attaining a minimalist web design. This type of design includes only relevant features while ignoring those that don’t add functionality.

8. Show Trust Symbols

Trust symbols include a strong social media presence, the existence of support, and reviews from the previous client. It’s important to show these on your business website because it builds trust. Social media handles that engage prospects give your brand social capital that translates into social commerce.

The existence of responsive customer support is an indication that your business is willing to listen and make the necessary adjustments.

9. Create Relevant Content

All the content appearing on your business website should be relevant to your industry. For instance, if you sell cosmetics online, then the content on your site should reflect this. This means that the videos, images, and text should be related to cosmetics. It is common to see sites with content that differ from the niche. It creates distrust because you don’t appear as an expert in your field.

To create relevant content you need to do research and know the trending topics and problems in your industry. Then create content offering solutions to the problems in the form of advice, products, or services.

10. Perform Regular CRO Audit

Performing regular conversion rates optimization let you know whether the design and marketing strategies you have employed are working. Analytic tools like Google analytics are effective in measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and how people interact with pages, videos, images, and the call to action on your site. You need to install analytic trackers on your site to enable gathering relevant data.

CRO audit tools also inform you about the nature of your visitors, for example, country of origin, and demographic information like age. Audit tools also make you know the type of devices people are using to access your site.

If you have a business website with design and conversion issues, contact us at de Haro Group. We have audited and improved the conversion rates of thousands of websites for our esteemed clients.

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