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Instagram Marketing-Successful Campaigns

instagram marketing
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Instagram is one of the few social media platforms focusing on pictures and videos as the main content. Pictures and videos provide a detailed description of your goods and services. Instagram marketing enable you to increase your digital sales. This platform does a good job if you need to promote your brand and expand your target audience. Nevertheless, you need a solid plan and specific goals to succeed on the platform.

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This article shares tips on launching a successful Instagram marketing campaign. Read on to learn the step you need to create your first campaign.

1. Create an Account with an Optimized Bio and Profile

To create an account you need to sign up on Instagram. You’ll be asked to provide contact information and come up with an account name. The name you choose should reflect your brand. You can also include a short optimized bio describing your brand’s personality.

2. Define Your Target Audience for Instagram Marketing

The nature of your product determines your target audience. To define your target audience, you need to know some facts about them. For instance, you need to know demographic info like age, location, and gender among others. Defining your target audience is important because it enables you to create relevant content. Furthermore, it helps you tailor your Instagram marketing campaigns.

3. Set Definite Marketing Goals

Setting clear goals is important because it determines whether you’ll achieve them or not. Coming up with vague goals is as good as having no goals at all. Definite goals are clear. For example, coming up with the exact number of people you want to see your ads within a specific period is a clear goal. Before you set up your IG marketing campaign, you should think about the goals you want to achieve.

You can use the SMART approach to set your goals to make sure that your goals are measurable. It means your goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant. Your goals could be more views, increasing the number of sign-ups, raising brand awareness, increasing sales, building an email list, etc.

4. Create Content for Your IG Marketing Campaign

After defining your goals and target audience it’s time to create content. Your audience has the most influence on the type of stories to publish. If you decide to collaborate with an influencer, you should consult them. Design and upload content that captivates your audience regularly. Experts suggest posting at least three times per week. Your post should convey the message of your campaign and reflect your brand.

You need to have an effective content plan before launching a marketing campaign on Instagram.

5. Collaborate With Influencers

It’s approximated that there’re more than 500k active influencers on Instagram. Furthermore, 70% of marketers on Instagram use the services of influencers. Using the services of an influencer makes sure many people see your advert. The most popular influencers on Instagram are photographers, bloggers, and people promoting different brands. You need to approach influencers and see if they’re interested in helping you promote your products or brand. Established influencers have more than 10k followers. Collaborating with them exposes your products to a larger audience.

6. Track Performance 

Tracking performance helps you determine if your campaign is doing well and the things you need to do increase engagement. Some of the key indicators you could look for include comments, likes, and views. You can also note things like the time people engage with your content the most and schedule your content for publishing at that time.

7. Manage Your Instagram Marketing

Running a successful IG marketing campaign needs good planning and management. Fortunately, Instagram has a tool that can help you manage and improve your campaigns on the platform. The best tools will help you plan and organize online marketing. For instance, you can schedule posts for publishing ahead of time freeing you to focus on creating content that engages the audience.

8. Create a Budget

Online marketing will cost your business and that’s why you need a budget. Businesses have limited funds they allocate for marketing. Research and find out cost-effective ways of running successful marketing campaigns on Instagram. Apart from the costs, you incur while hiring influencers and creating promoted posts, you should the cost of other objectives in your budget.

Now that you know the important tips you have to consider for your IG marketing campaign, let’s look at some of the benefits of using the platform.

The Benefits of Marketing on Instagram

Increase Brand Awareness:

What helps you boost brand awareness on Instagram is the quality of your content. If you make content that trends more people will see your advert. Some of these people will become your new customers.

Promoting the Same Content on Other Platforms:

The photos and graphics you create for your Instagram marketing campaign can be used on other social media accounts with small adjustments.

Expand Your Customer Base:

A successful marketing campaign on Instagram can help you reach new audiences and acquire new customers. Popularity on Instagram can help you acquire an audience on other social media platforms.

Solidify Your Brand:

When creating your business Instagram profile, you should design it to represent your company and brand. Your brand includes your logo, description, and promotional content you post on Instagram. Curated stories can help you develop a specific image for your brand.

The design of your campaign depends on the objectives you are interested in achieving. Consequently, there are different types of Instagram marketing campaigns you can launch. For example, awareness campaigns are meant to increase the visibility of your brand and product. Mock campaigns on Instagram are meant to give the audience a sneak preview of what is coming. This type of campaign is used to create curiosity and demand for new products.

Cause campaigns target younger consumers by offering them more than the product the company is selling. Contest campaigns give the audience free products at random to drive engagement. At de Haro Group, we have assisted many established businesses to launch successful Instagram campaigns. Contact us for Free Consultations.  

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