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Attractive Website and the Success of Your Business

Website Impact
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Surveys show that up to 88% of consumers go online to look for relevant information before making the decision to buy. Having an attractive website is important because it determines whether people stay or leave as soon as they land on your homepage. A simple way to tell whether your website has design issues is to check the bounce rates.

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If the bounce rates are high, it means that visitors are not spending time on your website. Redesigning your website to make it more attractive increases user engagement and lowers bounce rates. Read on to find out how an attractive website impacts the success of your business.

1. An Attractive Website Create A Great First Impression

When visitors land on your site, they have a few seconds to make up their minds whether to stay or leave. An attractive web design increases user engagement and makes your prospects to want to find out more about your business.

On the contrary, an old or poorly done website portrays your business in a negative light. It may make your visitors leave your website for your competitors’. Keeping your leads on-page is a prerequisite for converting them.

2. Include Multimedia and Images

People often get bored browsing a site with block texts only. Including images and multimedia that resonates with your business appeals to users. Images can tell visitors on a glimpse what your business is all about, in addition to convincing them to stay and keep on clicking.

Nevertheless, you should note that using too many images can slow down the performance of your site. You need to stick to the right guidelines in terms of image size. You should opt for mobile-friendly file sizes and formats.

3. Populate Your Site with Good Content

Good content plays a key role in attracting and retaining an audience. Moreover, your web design can’t be attractive if the content is jumbled up or riddled with grammatical mistakes. You need to invest in good content for your company blog. You also need to speak as an authority in your niche because it will make people come to you for advice.

4. An Attractive Website Builds Trust with Your Audience

Sites that are poorly designed with outdated information arouse suspicion. It makes people not trust your site. If they were looking to buy something from you, a poorly designed website will make them seek alternatives. A professionally designed website conveys trust and opens up more opportunities for your website.

5. Pay Attention to Navigation Buttons

An attractive website is easy to navigate because it has a map that shows users the pages, they need to visit to find what they’re looking for. A site with a disorganized navigation pane is confusing to visitors.

6. Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices

You may have an attractive site, but if it’s not optimized for mobile devices, you exclude most visitors. Surveys show that up to 80% of the people browsing the internet use smartphones. Studies by Google indicate that 61% of people who access a site on their smartphones are likely to revisit it.

Having an attractive web design doesn’t mean a complicated site. Your site can be simple yet attractive. At Haro Group we have helped many clients build attractive websites or revamp existing ones. Contact Us for FREE Consultations.

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