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Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2021

graphic design trends

Graphic design trends are changing very fast and new styles are emerging every year, if not monthly. Below are graphic design trends most likely to dominate 2021.

Color Combinations and Blurring Effects

This design enables elements and images to stand out against writing in the background. Graphic designers are taking up this trend by adding color transitions that make their work stand out more from competitors.

Graphic Design Trend: Nature-Inspired Design

People are looking for designs that reflect nature, as the world becomes digitalized. In response, most designers are creating artworks with landscapes, animals, and trees. This is already a growing trend among graphic designers. The designs have more color and natural elements embedded in them.

Graphic Design Trend: Fine Art Infusion

Traditional borders around art and design are becoming a thing of the past. We expect graphic designers to show us more elegance, expressions, and brushstrokes.


Symbolism has been used in recent years and we expect this trend to continue growing in 2021. The reason is that symbolism is classic and it has the power to penetrate through barriers.


These features in today’s world have a huge impact on graphic design. Emojis help us visualize different mind states and graphic designers are incorporating them in their work.

Authentic Representation

In 2021, we see designers embracing this uniqueness and by using it in their work more frequently and ditching stereotypes while embracing the diversity in people.

Personalized Content

Designers are using this to personalize contents per user where users are shown relevant information based on their location, search results, etc. It can be something so trivial as getting a “welcome back” message when you visit a site for the second time.

More 3D Elements

3D elements will become widespread in 2021. Artificial intelligence technology is improving every day. 3D elements appeal to users because they make websites more outlined and fantastic.

Pop Art and Comics

We can expect to see designers resurrecting this past used trend in 2021.

Abstract Graphic Design

Graphic designers are using more visual language to attract users to websites whereby the use of lines, colors, shapes, and so on is common in many variations and compositions.

Asymmetrical Layouts

We can look forward to this trend sticking in 2021. The reason is that it makes sites unique stand out from the competition.

Conscious Social Designs

It involves including personalized masks, protesting art, and many more. We look forward to designers continuing to use this trend in 2021 to evolve the design.


It’s the combination of colors, typography, and curves, we can see the future as though we are already living it.

Dark Themes

We have seen this feature in mobile phones but it has just recently been introduced in the world of web design and we can see this trend becoming a norm in 2021.

In conclusion, most trends have been with us for quite some time. They will be carried forward to this year. We can expect to see these trends and many more.

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