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Website Typography in the Success of Your Business

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Website typography is the technical word expert use to refer to the manner text and elements are arranged on a website. Typography also includes elements like fonts, spaces between lines, the white space between characters (kerning), and line length among others. Typography is one of the most important aspects of web design.

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It determines the ability of users to interact with your site, for example, the ease of reading content. In this article, we share with you the importance of typography in the success of your business.

Typography Gives Character To Your Website

Experts have proved that certain types of fonts have special character. Fronts have personalities, for instance, some look childish, some old-fashioned, while other regal. Calibri, one of the most popular fonts is known to look restrained and professional. Sans serif fonts are known to be popular because they are legible, modern looking, and appear professional. You need to pick fonts based on the character you want your website to represent.

Typography Affects the Readability of Your Site

Typography is the key element used to improve the readability of your website. Improving the readability of your site depends on how well you put different elements together such as fonts, style, shape, height, and white space.

Typography Improves the Functionality of Your Site

Designers have ways of making specific words or statements to stand out on your site. Typography involves the use of variations in color and size, or different fonts to highlight the text in a manner that shows its importance.

It Helps Attract the Targeted Audience

Strategically placing text and infographics on your site is a sure way of attracting a targeted audience. For example, if you put an interesting sentence in quotation marks and a different color, it is likely to grab the attention of the reader. However, you should note that what appears attractive to you may be not necessarily attractive to your audience. You can overcome this by researching and knowing the taste and preferences of your audience.

Typography Plays a Role in Responsive Web Design

Complex website with many tabs and pages are not only confusing to the user, but also prone to breakdowns. Website built with appropriate typographic features are easy to navigate and loads faster. Adopting a minimalist typography is a common trend that many companies are implementing right now.

Typography Creates a Good First Impression

Using the right fonts and colors enable businesses to create an impressive image that portrays the company in a positive light. The right typography can be used to evoke emotions from your audience. This means typography is more than managing text. It emphasizes on picking the right typeface that represents the value of your company. Having a good typography for your site is important because it helps enhance the message in written language.

Typography is one of the key factors you have to consider if you’re interested in creating a user-friendly website. At de Haro Group we have helped many client come up with user-friendly typographies that makes their site easily navigable and content easily readable. Contact us for FRREE Consultation.

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