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Your website is one of the best marketing tools at your disposal because it enables people to reach you around the clock. A well-designed website or app leaves a positive user experience. UX design or user experience refers to the process of improving user satisfaction with apps or websites by improving accessibility, usability, and efficiency. A good UX design assists in making websites or applications you’re building easy to use with minimal confusion.

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Improve the Speed of Your Site

Websites that load slowly even with a few seconds stand to lose visitors. Adding fancy JavaScript and widgets can get you an impressive user interface, but it can also slow down your site. Nevertheless, when designing a user interface, speed should be given priority over creativity. People are reluctant to use websites that they cannot interact with. After designing your site, you should test for speed and make the necessary changes.

Use White Space for UX Design

Using enough white space is good for user design. However, caution needs to be taken because too much white space on a site may be a turnoff. One of the advantages of using white space is that it makes your content more legible while enabling users to focus on the items surrounding the text. Research has shown that having enough white space on your site improves user attention by 20%. Using white space also makes your website feel open, modern, and fresh.

Make Sure Your Logo Is Clickable for UX Design

Having a clickable logo as your header is beneficial because it acts as a guide that leads visitors to your homepage. A clickable logo gives users the option to return to your site when they’re ready. This prevents visitors from leaving your site because they had to look around for a home button, click on the back button many times, or type an address in the bar.

Make Your Site Simple with Responsive Design

A simple website layout doesn’t have unnecessary components. A simplistic web design makes it easy for visitors to take the desired action on your site. A site with a simple layout helps visitors to find what they want because it enables them to scan the content. A clustered site means visitors will have to navigate to find what they want. They are likely to leave instead of spending more time. Hence, simplicity means having a clean layout, two or three colors, and lots of white space. The content shouldn’t appear in more than two fonts, with a third one for the logo. Furthermore, the graphics you use should help convey the message in the content.

Distinguish Between Different Elements

One of the main tasks of UX designers is coming up with a distinct page layout. Having elements that are visually different makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. To achieve this, you must have clear-cut headlines, subtitles, and subheadings. You also need an easy-to-locate navigation tool, a call-to-action button, and a search field.

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