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The Top 6 Website Builders

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Gone are the days when you needed to learn complex design languages such as Html, CSS, and JavaScript to build a website. Nowadays building a website is an easy task that can be accomplished using different website builders. In this article, we share with you the top 6 website builders. Most of the website builders highlighted in this article also provide paid hosting and registration services.

1.      WordPress

It’s the basic and the most commonly used website builder offered by The site builder has a basic and an advanced content management system. The advanced option offers more functionality and requires technical expertise to put together. However, WordPress is not the easiest web builder to use. You need to learn some basic coding in order to customize WordPress themes effectively.

2.      Wix-Website Builders

The website builder is considered the easiest site builder because it’s a beginner-friendly website platform that allows users to be creative and give them full control over their sites. Wix uses simple drag and drop tools in combination with a variety of customizable features. The latest research indicates that Wix has 18% more features now compared to when the platform was launched. The new features have improved blogging and internationalization.

Nevertheless, the platform is not suitable for everyone because of higher prices and the complex and cluttered visual editor.

3.      Squarespace-Website Builders

Squarespace is a complex website builder that comes with several creative features that facilitate business. It’s not the simplest builder, but after you get used to it, it doesn’t take long to build a website. You need some time and patience to master the platform compared to others like Wix. The biggest advantage Wix has over other site builders is in template designs. The platform offers some of the best in the market and is suitable for creatives who want to create visually impressive sites.

4.      GoDaddy

The website builder is considered user-friendly, and the fastest website builder for creating functional websites. GoDaddy has design assistance and this means you just have to enter your details, and the platform will create a tailored website for you to customize. The platform has a simple layout and guidance elements that make it easy to build a site on the platform. Latest studies show that GoDaddy has added 11.6% more features from 2020.

Nevertheless, the platform is not the best option for building powerful and complex websites. The platform offers speed and simplicity, but it’s not the best option for creating truly personalized sites.

5.      Weebly

Weebly is a basic website builder that is packed with powerful features that enable e-commerce and blogging. The platform is easy to use but has significant limitations in terms of design and customizability compared to its competitors.

6.      Zyro

This is an easy-to-use web builder with nice, clean templates. However, the site builder fails to include features such as high-quality and doesn’t include features found in complex platforms. Some people consider Zyro to be a mini version of Wix.

The top 6 website builders outlined in this platform are the most popular and don’t require advanced knowledge to use. At de Haro Group we help clients build websites from scratch or customize themes on different platforms. Contact us to book your FREE Consultations.  

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