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Facebook Marketing and Covid-19

facebook marketing
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The lockdown pushed people to look for new ways of doing things. For instance, the pandemic has changed the way people spend their time, look for information, and buy products. Businesses have also changed the way they advertise their brands and how they engage marketers and influencers. This article highlights how Covid-19 has impacted Facebook marketing and how to take advantage of the situation to thrive.

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People Are Using Social Media Regularly and Spending More Time Online

Spending time at home and working from home because of Covid-19 has made people spend more time on social media in an attempt to connect with others. This has increased social media engagement. According to a recent report, 46 to 51% of adult Africans started using social media during the pandemic. Online markers and influencers can take advantage of this opportunity to reach more people online.

To take advantage of the increase in the number of social media users, marketers need to experiment with new channels. They need to know new development in different social media platforms. For example, Instagram launched the Instagram Reels that provides new channels to deliver short videos.

An Increase in the Engagement with Ads with Facebook Marketing

People are now using mobile devices to access social media sites. Estimates indicate that 90% of people online access the internet via mobile devices. Another survey has found that the proportion of people accessing the internet with mobile devices and engaging with ads has gone up by 15%. Most of this growth took place during the pandemic.

The number of social media impressions has gone up by 20% since the beginning of the pandemic. This means that more people are viewing ads on social media. Story and video format ads are the most popular.

An Increase in Social Commerce

More people are shopping online every day to save time, minimize contact, and limit their trips outside the house. For instance, a recent survey shows that retail sales in August went up by 3.9% and food staff contributed 42.4% of the sales.

The growth in online shopping provides major social media platforms with an opportunity to promote businesses and help companies sell products.

The Growth in Social Media Influencers

As more people shopped online, the demand for marketers and influencers went up. This trend is expected to continue to 2022. The ongoing pandemic has restricted physical contact and led to an increase in the use of social media. People are flocking social media platforms to have interpersonal connections.

One of the common points of connection on social media is influencer content. A survey done by the Global Web Index showed that over 80% of consumers in the UK and the US consumed more content on social media during the pandemic.

Businesses can take advantage of social media to help them stay afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic. Social media platforms have become a perfect place to advertise your ideas, products, or services. The platforms also offer the best tools for brand awareness, creating inbound traffic, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing conversion rates.

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