Content Strategy That Provide Value to Prospects

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Content marketing is an effective way of looking for new prospects, connecting with them, and converting them into customers. For you to achieve this, you must be strategic in your approach. People don’t like to be bombarded with a sales pitch. They prefer content that adds value to their life i.e. content that helps them solve a problem without pushing them to buy.

An effective content strategy guides prospects through the buyer’s journey, which is made up of three stages. They include creating awareness, showing consideration for prospects’ needs, before helping them to make a decision. In this article, we share with you the content strategy that provide value to prospect and convert them into returning customers.

Inform and Educate

Informing and educating prospects is key to creating content that provides value. You should aim at creating blog posts, videos, e-books, and infographics that address and answers buyer’s queries.

Educational content portrays you as an authority and increases your credibility in the market. Share your knowledge, expertise, and experience with your prospects. At the same time, you should guide them through the buyer’s journey.

Make Your Message Persuasive

You can have a valuable product, but if your presentation is bad, prospects will not recognize its real value. You need to convey the value of your product with a persuasive, powerful message. This entails telling your prospects what your product/service does and its advantages over your competitors.

Having a powerful value preposition will enable your prospects to identify the value of your product/service that was previously ignored by your competitors.

Promote Your Products/Services Without Selling Yourself

Promoting your products/services entails focusing on the needs of your customers. People follow businesses on social media to know when they’ll be getting special offers, information on products, and promotions. People don’t want to read your business achievements and conquests.

Involve Your Followers in Generating Content

Involving your brand’s followers in generating content is a sure way of connecting with them. It plays a powerful role in attracting and converting prospects into long-term customers. Having user-generated content also adds a human face to your brand and gives you the social proof your business needs to thrive.

Customers are more likely to believe the opinions of third parties on your business than your own. You can involve your followers in generating content by publishing testimonials, reviews, and guest posting in customer run forums. Remember to demonstrate to your prospects how your current and previous customers are satisfied with your product/service.

Make Sure Your Content Is Compelling and Tells A Memorable Story

Savvy salespeople normally prepare for the conversation they’ll have with their prospects. They make sure they have the facts about the products they’re offering. However, having accurate information alone will not help you connect with your customers. To tell a memorable story you need to incorporate analogies and metaphors that resonate with your audience.

A good story helps your buyers to see how your product/service will improve their situation. It helps you connect with your customers and build deeper relationships. This increases your conversion rates.

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