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How many sections do you need for your Website?

( For example: Homepage, About, Services, Portfolio, Contact Us...)


Includes an Image Slider, Layout Design for Intro/Landing/Welcome Information & Map.


Includes a Map for Directions.


Includes different galleries layouts for images & video. It also includes optimizing your gallery images for Web.


Includes a blog like layout to name your services and talk about them. It also includes a layout for the company team/directory/bios.

Contact Form

Includes an Image or Map Header, Customized Form and Social Links.

Need more sections?

Specify any more sections you need here ( E-Commerce Not Applicable )
*Quantity Discounts Available ?


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Select Each Service Needed

Website Solutions

A robust website platform customized for your brand.

Brand Development & Graphics

Logo Creation, Flyers, Business Cards, Billboard, You Name It...!

Social Media

Content design, branding or in-depth analytics of your channels.


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Brand Development & Graphics

Please select all the solutions needed for your brand.

Logo Development

Includes 3 different logo creations to choose from, each of them backed up by a comprehensive analysis of your brand and strategic creative phase.

Corporate Identity Package

Includes Logo Development, Business Card Design, Letterhead Design and Envelope Design.

Business Card

First impressions count just once, as well as making an impact when you're handing over your brand's essence in a small format.


A larger format than a business card and more powerful way to quickly and massively engage targeted potential customers.


For those circumstances where a flyer is not enough and a magazine is too much, without affecting your brand's communication effectiveness.

Catalog / Magazine

In order to sell you must display. A catalog or magazine with a strategic design and concept behind will make your brand stand out.


We want your brand to stand out and make the biggest impact on its next trade show.
*Please select for quantity if is one side design or two.
**These prices cover up to 70"W x 100"H format.

Custom Format

Anything you need!
Please specify your design format in squared inches.
*Applies for dimensions larger than Display Design ( over 6000 Sq. In. )


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Catalog / Magazine

Please select the amount of pages for your catalog / magazine.
Final Size: 8.5"W x 11"H | 4/4 Full Color | 1 Color Proof Provided

8 Pages

16 Pages

24 Pages

32 Pages

40 Pages

48 Pages


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Social Media

Let us take care of communicate your brand's concept properly.
*Please specify how many designs, hours or profiles to be reviewed you need below.
Quantity Discounts Available

Social Content

Posts, stories or banner images for your brand on Facebook or Instagram, or any other channel.

Campaign Management

Ready to promote sponsored ads and efficient campaigns on your profile with a strategic communication plan?
(Hourly Rate - 8hrs Minimum Required)

Profile Full Review

Social profile COMPLETE analysis followed by full report of your brand's social media presence.


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Please select the type of flyer solution you need.
*Price includes design on both sides.
4/4 Full Color | 1 Color Proof Provided
Need more than one flyer design? Specify amount on each.
(Quantity Discounts Available)

1/8 Page Flyer

(4.25” x 2.75”) or (2” x 5.5”)

1/6 Page Flyer

(4.25” x 3.5”) or (2.75” x 5.5”)

1/4 Page Flyer

(4.25” x 5.5”) or (2.75” x 8.5”)

1/3 Page Flyer

(8.5” x 3.5”) or (2.75” x 11”) or (5.5” x 5.5”)

Postcard Flyer

(4” x 6”)

Mailer Flyer

(4” X 9” or 5” x 7”)

1/2 Page Flyer

(5.5” x 8.5”) or (4.25” x 11”)

Postcard / Mailer Flyer

(6” x 9”)


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Perfect option for when you don't have enough for a catalog but more than for a flyer.
*Price includes design on both sides.
Please specify how many designs do you need.
Quantity Discounts Available

Full Run Size

(11” x 17”)

Oversized Full Run

(11”H x 25.5”W) or (25.5H X 11”W)


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Design & Functionality

This will impact the engagement according to your brand's demographics.

Responsive Design

The website layout design will adjust dynamically to the user's device screen.
*Included at no extra charge ?

E-Commerce Ready

Sell anything on your site, control your data, add/manage your products, inventory managements, shipping options / taxes calculations.

Full Admin Access

Full control of your site to add/edit its content. Commonly used by our clients to make simple changes to text and images.
*Admin Interface Tour Included ?


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Last details

Faster Delivery

Delivery in less than 30 days. Time frame applicable after we have all the required materials from you to meet the deadline ( logos, images, backgrounds & texts ).
*NOT APPLICABLE for E-Commerce

Search Engine Optimization

We properly feed each of your sections with accurate description based on your feedback, so it indexes optimally within search engines!


Need us to design the banners/images for your site across your sections? No problem! How many images/banners will you need?
*Package Discounts Available


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Specifications & Details

Main ideas, vision and specific details you want for each of the materials you need.

Please include the files that are relevant for the materials to be designed, such as logo (preferably as .PNG - with transparent background), images, banners and others to be used across your brand.
*COMPRESS all your files into *ONE .zip or .rar file and submit them as *ONE file .
You can alwasy send us big files by email via WeTransfer


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Project Cost

Your Quote Price is :

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Project Specifications


Project Details

Description Information Quantity Price
Discount :
Total :


Each payment phase discussed between us and the client (and specified on this quote/invoice) is nonrefundable since we will start working on each specific phase’s tasks as soon as we receive the payment.

By submitting payment you are agreeing to these terms and also agree and understand that besides the initial startup fee you are paying from this quote/invoice you will also pay the remaining balance of it BEFORE we hand you over the final, completed project. However, you will always be able to see the progress and final status of your project along the way (via direct links for the case of websites and watermarked proof previews for the case of graphic materials).

We reserve the right to hand you over a partially completed project since the initial request has been to develop a fully functional project with us, and everything has been quoted/invoiced for you as a group.

We offer 3 revisions for both Web and Graphics Projects requested. After that point, any desired revision(s) will be quoted separately.

Once we’ve received the final payment, we will hand you over your project in a fully complete and functional state according to your initial request and revision(s) along the way.

Pay Deposit & Start Project

Pay Deposit & Start Project

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