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About de Haro Group

We are a team of honest professional designers, not a sales team. We care about clients’ brand image and strive to add value to them through effective communication visual strategies.

One common scenario we see quite often from clients that already have a website is that the people that built them disappear after they are asked for new features or functionalities, or when something breaks. We always say the same: “A real web designer and developer is not the one that knows how to implement new things only, but is also able to fix anything that breaks.”

We started as a family organization of independent artists, founded in 1993 and later opening up for business in Miami, Florida in 2007. We’re a team of multidisciplinary design professionals operating under one roof, committed to deliver high expectations for our clients.

You will not see impressive, attention looking certifications or trust badges in our website. We are not here to sell you, but to deliver a service and product solution that works for your business, compete in its industry and deliver results to you.

How We've Spread The Word Around

We solve problems and deliver results to our clients. Then they just talk about us. 

Very creative, quick and efficient team to work with. They brainstorm with you every step of the way to ensure the quality and results you deserve.

Gus B.

DB Motoring Group

Very efficient, complete, robust and high quality design and performance on our website project. Great team to work with and to get advising from, they're awesome!

Julio L.

JL Performance USA

We created our brand with them from the logo, to our website all the way to our booth and marketing campaign for a trade show. They are just amazing and very professional.

Alfred C.

Traklite Wheels

Great agency, team and people to work with. Very professional and very detailed oriented. They make sure to explain everything in every step of the way.

Otto M.



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