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Social Commerce: The Key Trends in 2021 – (Updated Video For 2022 Key Trends)

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Social commerce is a relevantly new business venture within the wider e-commerce niche. It combines both the elements of online shopping and social interactions. The trade takes place on social media platforms, but it is not social media marketing. Social commerce entails selling goods and services directly through social media platforms.

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On the contrary, social media marketing redirects potential customers from social media to a site they can buy a service or product from. In this publication, we share with you the expected trends in social commerce in 2021.

Feel free to continue reading below or watch the video version below from Our YouTube Channel.

An Increase in Social Commerce

It is projected that in 2021 social commerce will go up. For instance, surveys done in 2018 indicates that 55% of online shoppers bought stuff through social media. Furthermore, research has shown that social business will continue to grow. For example, a study done by the Absolunet, a North American e-commerce agency has revealed some interesting results.

Eighty seven percent of online shoppers believe that social media helped them decide what to buy. One out of 4 businesses are selling stuff through Facebook. Forty percent of business owners use social media to sell products and services. Thirty percent of consumers said they were willing to buy through social media platforms.

Social Media Platforms Will Include E-commerce Features

Established social media platforms are currently looking for ways to improve e-commerce capabilities. Instagram and Snapchat are currently working on a projects to include in-built e-commerce features. For example, Instagram checkout enable Instagram users to buy products without leaving the App.

Social Business Will Grow Beyond Established Social Media Platforms

The progress in social media business will lead to an increase in the number of platforms people use to socialize. The new site may lack advanced e-commerce features, but they will give people the option to shop online. For example, TikTok a relatively new players in the social media market has already added links that leads to e-commerce sites.

Growth in Influencer Marketing

Business looking forward to prospering in social commerce will have to partner with influencers to widen the reach and affinity for products and services. The main challenging aspects in succeeding on social media is the constant fight for consumers’ attention. Brands need to come up with innovative ways to create awareness.

More Video-Based and Visual Content

Social commerce is driven by younger generations, especially generation Z and Millennials who are looking for easy and interesting ways to socialize and shop online. For instance, a survey done in the U.S showed that over 55% of the members of Gen Z did fifty percent of their shopping online. The most recent purchases in fashion were inspired by social media.

Growth in the Private Messaging Services

A survey done in 2019 showed that 2.52 billion people on earth or 87.1% of smartphone users will be using a mobile messaging app at least once every month. This will increase the number of consumers engaging with brands through Apps.

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