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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) and Loading Speeds

Accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is a collaboration project between Google and Twitter meant to make mobile pages load fast. AMP is a simple version of HTML. These pages are designed to be lightweight in order to load quickly.

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AMP pages were introduced to counter Facebook’s instant articles. The pages only load on mobile devices. Pages with AMP code have a three-step configuration.

Configuring AMP Pages
  • HTML Configuration: These are simple and unique markups taken from the conventional HTML codes with unique tags.
  • JS: This code is used to collect information and make it simple to do away with unnecessary rendering.
  • CDN: This refers to an optimized network meant to cache pages and make them compatible with AMP code immediately.

Installing AMP on your site is important because right now more than 30 billion American use mobile devices to search for answers to queries. Mobile responsive site means your brand has a potential to reach over 30 billion people in the U.S alone.

AMPs eliminate the need for additional CSS and do away with certain bulks content like pictures that are embedded on webpages. Furthermore, CTAs in most cases also removes backend code. This increases web loading speeds significantly.

Why You Should Install Accelerated Mobile Pages


The key benefit of installing AMP is that it significantly improves the speed of the page. Furthermore, it increases page views and mobile search results. Pages that load quickly receive many views on average. This reduces the bounce rate.

Visitors like pages that load fast. If you have great content with mobile pages that load slowly, visitors will not stay to read them. For instance, one study found that a delay by one second in browser load time could lower conversion rates by 3.50%, while reducing page views by 9.40%.  It also had the effect of increasing bounce rates by approximately 8.30%.

AMPs help you make your mobile pages extremely fast. It makes your site competitive among visitors using mobile devices. Most people nowadays consume content like blog posts, articles, videos, and podcast through mobile phones.

Slow mobile pages reduces the likelihood of converting visitors accessing your site through mobile devices into customers. Furthermore, the speed of your mobile pages will increase dramatically.

Increased Mobile Browser Visibility

For content marketers, installing AMP leads to increased mobile browser visibility. For instance, Google has already started to display AMP result in organic search. The green AMP symbol is displayed next to the search results generated through AMPs in Google mobile search.

The green symbol makes AMP search result to stand out from the rest leading to high click rates. People browsing the internet on mobile devices will start to look for AMP specific pages in the future after realizing that they load faster compared to regular pages.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Using AMPs also improves mobile search rankings because of the strong coloration between site speed and conversation. However, Google doesn’t consider AMP as a ranking factor for now.

Installing AMP is also beneficial because it makes it simple to track users. Sending traffic to a mobile device is not enough. It’s important to know how people found your site. The tracking features in AMP enable you to know where your visitors came from and the pages they landed on.

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