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Creating A Website: The Factors to Consider

Creating a Website
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Creating a website requires great skill and attention. You need an attractive design. This is only achieved if you work with skilled developers and designers. An attractive web design increases your conversion rates and engagement with prospective customers. However, before you proceed, there’re certain factors you have to consider before creating a website for your business.

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The Level of Service You Want for Your Website

Do you want to use your website to share information or sell products and services? The answer to this question will determine the bandwidth you need, the level of engagement, and security. If your aim is to build an eCommerce store, you need a bigger bandwidth compared to a regular website. Furthermore, you’ll need improved security.


Usability is one of the key factors you’ll have to consider when building a website. You need an attractive design with an effective user interface. This means that visitors should find it easy to navigate your site even if they don’t have advanced knowledge in IT. For instance, most visitors to your website will not be professional coders. You’ll have to simplify things for them.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

Choosing the right colors for your website is important because colors evoke different emotions. For example, some colors inspire a sense of calm, happiness, or even frustration. The color scheme you choose should resonate with the nature of your business and the target audience.


The speed of your site plays an important role in determining whether visitors stay on your site or leave. Websites that load slowly takes more than three to five seconds to load. This can drive away visitors because most people are impatient. They are likely to go to another site for the information they’re looking for. This makes you lose potential customers.


A website with good functionality has no loading issues or broken links. The website should also be operational and have the necessary features. For example, the website should have contact forms, survey features, and a section that allows customers to leave feedback.

Mind Your Audience

Your audience is the main reason for building your site. Before having your site up and running you should take some time to study your audience. This involves knowing your target audience, the type of information they’re looking for, and the regular queries they run on search engines. You should also know how your website can address customer queries.

Make Sure Your Site Is SEO Optimized

Having an attractive website that is no SEO optimized can have a negative impact on your site.  It makes it difficult for your audience to find your site. SEO makes it easy for search engines to crawl your site and index the keywords that potential customers use to search for information. SEO is important because it plays a major role in digital marketing.

To attract and retain your audience you should take measures to make your site accessible with an attractive design. You also have content that engages visitors and addresses their queries. At de Haro Group, we’ve helped businesses build attractive websites that address the needs of their audience. Contact Us for FREE Consultations.

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