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Grow Your Brand with the Latest Design Trends

Growing your brand can be a challenge, especially in the era of digital commerce. Starting a business is easy and cost-effective because of the internet. For example, you can start a retail business online without incurring the costs associated with brick-and-mortar stores. Nevertheless, conveying your brand correctly, and effective marketing

Consumer Behavior with AI

Learning consumer behavior gives you an advantage over your competitors. The more your business knows about customers the better. Gathering information about customers helps you to provide the best customer service you can. Artificial intelligence and machine learning boost customer satisfaction by over 10% according to a study done by


Augmented Reality & Online Shopping Experience

Augmented reality is the icing on the cake when it comes to digital technology. AR is a simulation of the real world that is achieved through the use of digital devices that simulates sounds or other sensations delivered through technology. Augmented reality is considered the future of e-commerce and online

3D Content in Attracting Customers

Do you want to increase your conversion rate by Over 40%? A recent survey by Forbes found that 3D content increases the conversion rate by 40%.  Interactive 3D content is effective in marketing, especially for luxury brands. It gives businesses the platform to pass messages and attract potential customers. It

online business

Online Business – Future Trends

Shopping online and online business is now becoming a norm unlike before when people only shopped for specific items online. This trend is seen globally across industries. For instance, in 2020 online business generated more than 4 trillion USD. The online market is still vast because only 22% of the

ecommerce stores

Ecommerce Stores-How to Build a Profitable One

No doubt e-commerce is the future. Nevertheless, starting ecommerce stores can be a little bit intimidating. Running a successful one requires hard work. Furthermore, you’ll have to work with experts and make major decisions. In this article, we share with established and future entrepreneurs the steps to follow if they

How Graphic Design Affects Advertising

Graphic design is one of the key items in building brand identity.  Most companies have graphic designers because they need to produce content that conveys the value of their products. People process information using logic and emotions. For example, texts are more likely to be processed using logic while pictures

Graphic Design and Social Media Campaigns

The knowledge of the relationship between graphic design and social media campaigns is useful to businesses. It enables them to create interesting stories and better posts that will improve the performance of their campaign on social media. Marketing on social media is a relatively new channel unlike the traditional ones

Website Typography in the Success of Your Business

Website typography is the technical word expert use to refer to the manner text and elements are arranged on a website. Typography also includes elements like fonts, spaces between lines, the white space between characters (kerning), and line length among others. Typography is one of the most important aspects of

Minimalist Web Design: The Advantages

Having a minimalist web design means including only the most relevant pages and tabs on your site. This removes clutters from your site and makes it easy for visitors to find what they looking for. A minimalist website only includes elements that are critical to the company. Industries that commonly

Social Media Campaigns and Ad Design

Social media campaigns have created an attractive virtual environment for promoting brands and businesses. Social media is highly persuasive in convincing customers to buy compared to other forms of advertising. Surveys show that 78% of businesses have hired dedicated teams to run their social media campaigns. Your ad design is

Social Media Awareness

Social Media Awareness and Online Presence

Statistics show that by 2020, social media will have over 3.02 billion users. This is an indication that social media awareness provides a fertile ground for brand awareness and building your online presence. Brand awareness is crucial in growing your business and sales. You have probably noticed that popular brands

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