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Picking A Logo for Your Business: The Deciding Factors

Picking a Logo
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Picking a logo is important for both small and big businesses because it’s an integral part of your brand. A well-designed logo conveys the name of your business and its vision. The nature of your products or services determines the type of logo your business should have. The design, colors, and fonts you choose for your business should reflect the value your products or services offered to consumers.

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When designing a logo, you should consider how the type of logo you choose will affect your customers. In this publication, we share with you the key factors to consider when picking a logo for your business.

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How You Plan to Use the Logo

Logos are designed based on how they are used. For example, a logo to be used on a website is designed differently from the one to be printed on t-shirts or mugs. Most companies use logos for branding, meaning that the logo is used on both digital and hardcopy prints. If you plan to use your logo for different purposes, you’ll need to have different versions. This will cost you extra.

Visual Appeal

A visually appealing logo enhances your brand’s potential and creates a visual impression in the minds of people. An eye-catching logo is memorable and becomes synonymous with your brand or product. How your logo looks communicates to customers what your business does and the value it adds to their lives. It’s also key to creating customer loyalty.

You should aim for a logo that is conservative, contemporary, and high tech where possible. A poorly designed logo can take away the credibility of your business even before you have the chance to start.


Your logo needs to be based on a unique concept. It should not bear resemblance to any other logo out there. This comes down to the designer you hire. Some unscrupulous designers plagiarize logos. How do you spot these types of designers? They are ridiculously cheap. A unique logo helps your brand to stand out from your competitors and makes it easy for customers to recognize it.


Surveys indicate that 80% of consumers state that colors are the key factors that increase brand recognition. For example, consumers indicated that a  red logo conveys excitement, boldness, and youthfulness. Orange conveys the feeling of cheerfulness, friendliness, and confidence. Yellow is associated with warmth, clarity, and optimism while green represents health, peace, and growth.

Makes Sure the Logo Is Memorable

Surveys have shown that people tend to remember logos as opposed to business names. This gives you an edge if you’re planning to launch a new product or service. You just need to include the new service or product on the current logo that is already known.

Checkout Your Competitors’ Logos

Checking out your competitors’ logos doesn’t mean you have to copy them. It gives you an idea of what’s already working out there. It also gives you hints on the things you need to avoid. As you research your competitors, note the difference between your business and theirs and include the differences in your logos. This helps your logo stand out from your competitors.

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