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The Best Graphic Design Trends In 2022

graphic design trends

Visually appealing graphics help you convey the message your business is trying to pass to customers. Graphics also helps solidify the identity of your business and enhance the appearance of your brand. Companies have provided educational and informative content to consumers through good graphics. This why keeping up with the latest trends in graphic design is crucial for businesses. In this edition, we share the best graphic design trends in 2022.

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Inclusive Designs

Graphics design in 2022 is likely to be inclusive in terms of the diversity of human life. One of the factors influencing this trend is the Coronavirus and events like the Black Lives Matter movements. The use of inclusive designs is evident in the step some companies have taken in using diverse icons in graphic presentation.

The Use Geometric Shapes in Graphic Design Trends

Using geometric shapes in graphic design is a picking trend that is expected to continue into 2022. It’s common to see designers including geometric shapes in their work while replacing abstract ones. Geometric shapes can be combined with other images to convey the message your brand is trying to pass. The company, especially the ones specializing in technology have already adopted geometric shapes in their marketing campaign.

Data Visualization and Graphic Design Trends

The use of data visualization is another graphic design trend that is expected to pick up in 2022. For instance, companies in healthcare and marketing have already adopted the trend. The reason data visualization is becoming a trend in graphic design is that technology has enabled companies to generate a lot of data share. Furthermore, news channels across the globe are using data visualization to educate viewers on different issues. Currently, most marketers are walking down this path. Coming up with simple charts and graphs that convey a brand’s story is the best way to keep the audience glued and informed.

Brands are also following because instead of using simple charts, they are using more elaborate graphic designs and this is expected to continue up to 2022. For example, Twitter introduced colorful and engaging graphs and charts on a variety of topics.

The Monochrome Effects

Creating the monochrome effect entails blending two colors in one design. The trend started in 2017 and was picked later among graphic designers. Using a monochrome effect guarantees the achievement of desired results.

Bold Backgrounds

To create a bold background, graphic designers use bold colors. The trend picked in the past few years, but currently, designers are going back to bolder and brighter colors. Online companies are leading in using bold colors. The reason is that it makes it easy for the images to show up on social media.

Psychedelic Design

Psychedelic design can be traced to 1960 during the hippie movement that came with widespread drug abuse and social unrest. Graphics created with the psychedelic design appear chaotic. Some designers have speculated that this style will come back in 2022.

Making sure that the graphic you use in your marketing campaign is based on the latest trends is the best way to get more clicks. At de Haro Group we have helped clients design graphics based on the latest trends. Contact us for FREE Consultations.

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