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Social Media Awareness and Online Presence

Social Media Awareness
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Statistics show that by 2020, social media will have over 3.02 billion users. This is an indication that social media awareness provides a fertile ground for brand awareness and building your online presence. Brand awareness is crucial in growing your business and sales.

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You have probably noticed that popular brands become household names. In this article, we share with you tips for increasing your social media awareness and building your brand’s online presence.

Engage with Your Customers and Prospects

Social media offers you a great opportunity to engage with your customers and prospects throughout their journey before they make the decision to purchase. Social media offers you opportunities to engage with your leads and customers through conversation, content, and retargeting among others.

Create A Personal Marketing Strategy

People on social media are humans and they would like to be treated as such. You need to talk to your audience like humans and connect with them emotionally. Furthermore, you should let your personality shine through your content while engaging your audience in a friendly tone. Be casual because it engages people. You should also be charismatic because it helps you gain followers.

Provide Values Through Content

Posting valuable content on social media is a great way to build your brand. Nowadays it’s difficult to find valuable content on social media because people mostly post personal staff. If you post quality content on social media, followers will help you spread it. Quality content also enables you to separate your brand from the rest.

Don’t post the same content repeatedly. Try to come up with something new every time you post content on social media. For instance, you can post an article, and later turn it into a video. The content is the same, but unique.

Encourage Your Followers to Share Your Content

Encouraging your followers to share content on social media is a powerful marketing strategy. It enables you to reach the audience you are targeting plus their networks. People trust their family and friends. When people share your content through social media, it makes it easy to turn your potential into customers.

Content that includes humor, value, and emotions are likely to be shared compared to dry, plain content. Your e-commerce store, blog, or website should have social media buttons.

Connect with Influencer

Connecting with influencers in your niche adds credibility to your brand. Connecting with influencers is effective in building brand awareness compared to trying to competing with established groups.

You should develop a culture of engagement that will encourage your followers to do the same. For example, mentioning notable customers in your posts encourages sharing in addition to showing appreciation.

Cultivate Relationships with Customers

Having a healthy relationship with a customer is crucial in growing brand awareness and increasing sales. Engaging with customers on social media creates an opportunity for people within their network to learn about your brand. You can connect with customers by answering their questions and asking them considerate ones.

Using the recommended strategies when building social media awareness will boost your brand’s visibility. For better social media awareness and brand visibility, contact us at the de Haro Group for FREE Consultation.

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