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Optical Illusion in Graphic Design: The Benefits

Optical Illusion in Graphic Design: The Benefits
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The 21st century is a technology era. It’s the age of the internet and social media. Many businesses and institutions are present online. We see the optical illusion in graphic design taking over as a new trend to help with social media campaigns. Graphic design is one of the most popular IT professions that is constantly evolving.

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What is Optical Illusion in Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a form of visual communication. It conveys a specific message to the target audience with the help of art and creativity. Graphic designers must be creative, they are often involved in the creation of the entire marketing strategy for a company or a product.

Nowadays, most companies are searching for graphic designers, who have branched skills, are independent, versatile, and going beyond their area of expertise. Marketing departments give concepts to designers. In turn, they use them to create innovative ideas for the visual presentation of a company’s messages through graphics, animations, or movies.

Graphic design has different trends. The most popular one in 2021 is Optical Illusion.

Optical Illusion

An optical illusion is a product of the visual system where perception is distorted and differs from reality. This is the most common definition in the field of optic illusions. It’s a cognitive process that involves distinguishing one object from another. There’re three types of optical illusions. They include:

  • Literal illusion
  • Physiological illusion
  • Cognitive illusion

Optical Illusion in Graphic Design

Graphic designers agree that optical illusion makes the message contained in an advert to be influential to the target group. It’s amazing to see how optical illusion is used to turn simple elements into creative infographics that attract people’s attention.

The image the brain receives when one sees a piece of graphic work done with optical illusion never matches what one expects. The effect of optical illusion is evident in 3D designs. This is why optical illusion is often referred to as a “trick of the eye.”  Optical Illusions make graphic works intriguing and deceiving to the eyes.

Why Do Successful Designers Use Optical Illusion?

Graphic designers use optical illusion to convey the ideal version of your brand that can’t be seen in reality. Designs with optical illusion sometimes link your imagination to movement, art, weirdness, or spirituality. If you want your message to stick in people’s minds, and leave them impressed, then the illusionary design is worth considering.

The longer you watch graphic designs with optical illusion, the more you want to view them because they’re enticing to the eye. They capture your eyes and mind for a while. The more you try to understand the design, the more you need to view it. Graphic designs with optical illusions are clever and attractive to viewers.

Our brains are getting used to old-style designs mostly 2D designs. This means that designers must think of new ways and mediums that are appealing to potential customers and help sell products. Optical illusions are a great way for making your brand popular. It catches the eyes of customers and conveys the message in your brand in a manner that is beyond reality.

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